A business development, strategic planning and cost planning firm.

About Us

We are innovative consultancy firm focuses on planning a course of action to support important relationships for companies to enable growth with relevant strategic alliances and to facilitate partnerships with aligned companies.

Our core mission is to help small & medium sized businesses in the Architectural/Engineering/Construction industry grow.

Here's What We Know

Great firms have great sellers & doers. Great sellers & doers' are excellent closers. Excellent closers are terrible cold callers. Cold calling takes away from closing. We find the deals for our clients' experts to close. Our clients spend more time with their potential and existing customers, and less time looking for needles in the haystacks.

Our Passions is for Real Estate Investment & Development

With more projects come great challenges. We assist in project risk management through early programming & conceptual cost estimating, feasibility studies, value engineering, GMP buyout assistance and construction claims management. The intent is to capture, analyze and present data in a readily understandable way allowing our clients to respond to any challenge quickly and with complete confidence of having real-time information.

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Cell: 213-800-1568

Email: jchan@kpjconsultingusa.com

Office 1: Los Angeles, CA


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